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Private Workshop

Schedule your next private event with Sandi's Signs for an After Hours Workshop. You and your friends will be able to create a wood sign custom to your style, based from a template each artist will selected from our online gallery. We'll set you up with all the needed paints, stains, and tools to complete each masterpiece, along with the hardware to display your individual work of art

Dress code

We strongly suggest coming in your finest painting attire.

Food + Drink

You are welcome to bring wine and munchies of your own. No alcohol will be provided by After Hours.

Workshop Time

Each workshop lasts from 2-4 hours depending on the size of the group and each artist. Hosts are welcome to arrive 1 hour prior to start time to set up any of your own provided drinks, munchies, and light decor.


Each private party requires a minimum 6 artist booking. Your private party will be posted online for each artist to sign up, choose their templates, and pay their fee. If your party does not reach 6 artists, the host will be responsible for the difference in cost.


Because this is a private event with limited space, we do not offer refunds.

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